Sunday, November 9, 2008

Walt Eilers & Fire Cat Back Lioneld Jordan

Two former Fayetteville mayoral candidates, Walt Eilers and Adam Fire Cat, urged their supporters to back Lioneld Jordan on Saturday at the Farmers' Market on the Fayetteville Square. Sami Sutton, another former candidate in the race, was unable to attend the news conference but pledged her support for Jordan.

“He’s been my friend and my competitor for a long time,” Walt Eilers said of Jordan. “He has the sort of skills and experience that will help Fayetteville move forward, and I will do whatever I can to help.” Eilers listed Jordan’s people skills, eight years experience, and having a good working relationship with the City Council as reasons why voters should choose him for Fayetteville mayor. He added that Jordan’s support for dog parks, economic development and recycling are in line with his own goals for the city. Jordan praised the Green Heart commercial recycling pilot program organized by Eilers and said it could serve as a model for the city's future efforts.

Adam Fire Cat, wearing a half-black, half-white tuxedo, displayed his unique but straightforward perspective with his endorsement of Jordan. Fire Cat agrees with Jordan’s philosophy of fiscal responsibility and operating a balanced city budget, he said. “To me, numbers are black and white,” he said, referencing the city's growing debt and Mayor Coody's budget deficits.

Dan Coody reportedly was seen standing behind the large crowd during the press conference, then he spent about 30 minutes talking with Kate Ward, a reporter with the Northwest Arkansas Times. It seems from the article that he was making more negative remarks about Jordan.

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