Monday, November 17, 2008

Siloam Springs and the Constant Struggle

Siloam Springs is seriously set on stamping out sin. They have passed ordinances against selling vibrators, they strip search citizens for minor offenses, they rail against demon rum, and they send out police alerts against selling your soul. Yet, Satan never sleeps in that city, and even the 100% Americans are subject to temptation and moral turpitude.

Reverend Dalton Webber, 80, former commander of American Legion Post 29 in Siloam Springs who had served as Chaplain for the state American Legion for three years, was asked to resign after it became known that he molested a fourth grader, the son of a member of his Carlsbad Assembly of God Church congregation in 1994, while living in a trailer in front of the boy’s home. The church settled a $1.75 million civil lawsuit filed by the family of the boy. Rev. Webber was also president of the board for Miracle Ranch Orphanage Foundation in Anaheim, Calif., from 1977 to 1980, when allegations were made that 15 boys had been molested by him.

Webber was said to be the liaison between the Siloam American Legion Post and the local Boy Scouts, but Bryan Feather, Scout executive for the WestArk Area Council, said “Mr. Webber is not an official liaison for us. To be registered, he would have submitted an application, which includes a thorough criminal and personal background check. We also require all volunteers to be accompanied at all times by a Scout leader as part of our youth protection program.”

Rev. Webber was scheduled to perform a puppet show at Northside Elementary School on Veterans Day, but that was canceled after his forced resignation. We assume that he will no longer serve as program director for the American Legion's annual Family Funfest in Siloam Springs.

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