Friday, November 28, 2008

Mother Trucker at the Helm.

Trish Hollenbeck has a good article today on the coming shake-up in Washington County Government. There will be a new Washington County Judge, Marilyn Edwards, the first woman ever elected to that position, and five of the 13 Justices of the Peace on the Quorum Court will be taking the oath for the first time in January.

The real difference will be in the administrative staff, as County Administrator John Gibson and County Comptroller Boyd Darling retire, taking with them a combined 33 years of experience. Add to that the retirement of JP H. L. Goodwin, Jr., longtime Chair of the Finance Committee, and you can expect a steep learning curve for The Replacements, as good as they might be.

Judge-Elect Edwards has made two decisions that raise questions about her political sensitivity if not her judgment. She has decided to hire Dan Short of Elm Springs as the County Administrator to replace Gibson. Short is already drawing retirement pay from previous public employment. She has also requested an additional $50,000 in the budget so that she and Mr. Short be provided with brand new Dodge Durango SUVs to tool around in.

First impressions are often lasting, even for someone who has been on the public payroll for 32 years.

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