Wednesday, November 19, 2008

At the Shriners' Convention?

Some people have the silly misconception that the mayor's job is to manage the city, keep a watchful eye on city projects, take care that the taxpayers' money is wisely spent, look for ways to cut waste from a bloated budget, avoid multi-million dollar cost overruns, promote appropriate programs and community development, help the business community to create new jobs, and listen to the ideas, suggestions, and concerns of local citizens.

Others think the mayor should be something like the Secretary of State, traveling the globe at public expense and attending meetings about more important things. Dan Coody is of this mind, He has been absent from City Hall more than 10% of the time, reporting being out of town at least 231 days. Although he has limited his busy international travel schedule since changing his mind this year and deciding to run for reelection, he reported eight trips during the first part of this year to such places as Miami Beach and New York City.

Last year, Coody reported 15 trips, including Anaheim, Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, and the European leisure trip of the century with his wife, three weeks from December 1st - 21st in Paris, Amsterdam, and Germany. It sure beats staying home and working on the budget or having to hear citizens complain.

Not all of Coody's travel has been at taxpayer expense. Foreign governments and special interest groups have been quite generous.

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