Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cut a Yellow Ribbon

You know there is an election campaign going on when the start of early voting is announced with Robo Calls from Mayor Coody bragging on himself, fancy four-color mailings from Dan Coody to every household, and the expected Ribbon Cutting to celebrate some city project built by an out-of-state contractor with our local tax dollars.

Today, the City Clerk sent out a Blast Email Announcement about a Photo-Op Ribbon Cutting on Thursdsay afternnon. Anyone who doesn't have a regular job is invited to watch Dan Coody cut a ribbon and take credit for every sparrow that falls in the city. This time it is the Gulley Park stream restoration project, finished some time ago but lending itself to campaign publicity this week. Stand close to the mayor, and you will get your picture in the Northwest Arkansas Times.

As shown in the above picture from 2003, Elk River Construction out of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, incised (cut into or carved out) several bank sections of Gulley Creek and "restored"almost a quarter-mile section of it. Think reconstructive surgery.

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