Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rogers Mayor Womack Makes It Work

Rogers City Treasurer Jerry Hudlow is only projecting a $300,000 increase in sales-tax revenue, a more conservative projection than usual, but Rogers' employees will still be getting the same generous raises they were given last year and the city will continue its plans for expanding parks and trails.

Mayor Steve Womack yesterday told the City Council Finance Committee that the 2009 budget will include a 5% raise for all city employees except those making less than $41,600. City employees below that threshold will each earn $2,080 more in 2009 than they did in 2008, representing a $1 per hour raise, which is greater than a 5% boost. In addition, the cost of living index in Rogers is 4% lower than it is in Fayetteville.

The 2009 Fayetteville city budget submitted by Mayor Dan Coody reflects a $535,000 deficit and again includes no cost of living raises for city employees.

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