Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dr. Thomas the Bogus Blogger

Remember back in May 2007, before Dan Coody announced he wasn't running for reelection and before he announced he wanted a third term? He started a blog on the City's official website and said, "Welcome to our new website and the Mayor’s Blog. I’ll be posting regularly to this site beginning later this week . I intend to use this space to discuss current issues that I believe will be of interest to our citizens."

It turns out that was a lie. The Official Dan Coody Blog didn't ever have those "regular" postings that Dan promised. Nothing has been posted since last March. Now we find out that Dan didn't even write his own blog entries. They were all forgeries written by Dr. Susan B. Thomas, Ph.D. or other staff minions, but Dan tried to fool all of the people all of the time that he was writing those posts hisownself.

Since Dan hasn't been paying attention to his blog or anything else at City Hall, it is not surprising that someone has decided to help him out with an Unofficial Mayor's Blog. You'll learn more there than from Dan's "Official" Mayor's Blog maintained at taxpayer expense and written by taxpayer-funded ghost writers.

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