Saturday, November 22, 2008

Naked Lunch

Phillip and Tina Sherman of Bella Vista have sued McDonald's for at least $3 million after nude photographs of Tina were posted on the Internet. Phillip seems to have left his cell phone at McDonald's on Sixth Street in Fayetteville on July 5. Tina soon learned that the nude pictures of herself, which she had sent to her husband's phone, had been posted on-line by clever burger-flippers, along with her name, address, and phone number. The brisk response of phone calls and text messages was unwelcome, and Tina says she was mortified and cried uncontrollably.

To compensate them for their foolishness, the Sherman's have filed suit against McDonald's Corp., Matthews Management Co. and Aaron Brummley, a local manager, for negligence and negligent supervision. They want no less than $1 million for outrage; no less than $1 million for public disclosure of private facts; and, no less than $1 million for casting the Shermans in a false light. They claim that they and their family suffered severe mental and emotional distress, physical injury, pain and suffering, embarrassment, damage to their reputations, fear, and loss of earnings. They also want to be paid for the cost of moving to a new residence.

Let this be a lesson kids. Don't be sending nekkid pictures of yourself to anyone's cell phone.

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