Tuesday, November 11, 2008

City Council Balances the Budget

Congratulations to Alderman Bobby Ferrell for his leadership and persistence to fighting for a balanced budget. With the help of fellow Aldermen Kyle Cook, Nancy Allen, Lioneld Jordan, and Shirley Lucas, Ferrell found enough savings through cuts and management of revenues to bring forward a balanced city budget for 2009, and they did it without abolishing essential programs, instituting massive layoffs, or draining the city's reserves. Well done!

Mayor Dan Coody had presented his budget in September, reflecting a $535,000 deficit. The new budget is a vast improvement. Unless we have another sewer plant debacle, massive unanticipated costs from more lawsuits, landfill liability, contracts that obligate the city for untold millions of dollars, hiring an army of out of state consultants, high convention travel expenses, or too may no bid contracts, our fiscal situation should remain sound for the future.

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