Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Transitions Are Easier than Others

When Governor Mike Beebe took office last last year, he had little help from the previous governor. The petulant Mike Huckabee had ordered the destruction of office files and records, directed that the hard drives on all office computers be crushed, and depleted the discretionary funds available for the incoming administration. It did not make for a smooth transition.

Fayetteville will experience a transition of administrations from Mayor Coody to Mayor Jordan during the next six weeks. Whether the incumbent administration is helpful and forthcoming will determine the continued progress of our city as we enter the new year. Although a continued skirmishing from the recent political campaign would make good copy for this blog and a chance to keep picking on the Coody administration, it is an opportunity we would gladly pass up to see some degree of comity and cooperation.

House odds are presently 3-2 against Coody being helpful and gracious in defeat.

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