Sunday, November 16, 2008

School District Gives Employees 4% Bonus

“There is no doubt that sound financial management doesn’t happen by accident,” said Fayetteville School Board member Steve Percival said. No kidding. While our city administration was been draining reserves and its employees have had no cost-of-living increase in two years, the Fayetteville School District is dedicating $2.3 million to provide a 4% bonus to all employees.

District Chief Financial Officer Lisa Morstad said the administration is encouraging employees to spend the money in Fayetteville to help boost the local economy. “We’re just trying to work on economic development,” she added. That makes much more sense than spending taxpayer funds for out-of-state consultants who take the funds and spend them somewhere else.

Congratulations to the FSD Board and administration for a job well done! As Steve Percival said, "Sound financial management doesn’t happen by accident." Multi-million dollar cost over runs might happen by accident, but sound financial management is the result of attention to detail and being responsible and accountable for the public's money.

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