Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fucktard of the Faubus Motel

Here in Fayetteville we have a poet who sniffs at the unwashed masses who work for a living, a mayor who mongers fear of employees asking for living wages, and a newspaper that labels all who dare question authority as fringe radicals and extremists. Still, we have not quite matched the intellectual and moral paucity of Madison County, a benighted province last in the news for someone skinning a dog and nailing it to the fence of a citizen who questioned the official demonstration of how to kill a raccoon with a nail gun.

Now James and Linda Vandiver, owners of the Faubus Motel in Huntsville, replaced the United States flag at their business with a Confederate battle flag following Barack Obama's victory last week. They insist it had nothing to do with race. Right, just like Orval Faubus closing Little Rock Central High School had nothing to do with race.

In a statement to the Madison County Record, Vandiver said, "On election night, we lowered Old Glory from our flag pole because we are no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave (except for our military). The sound principals [sic] for which Old Glory stood have been abandoned. We raised the rebel flag of the Old South in protest. Since political correctness forces people into a limited frame of reference, we wish to say this loud and clear, this was not about race. We resent having a Marxist in the White House no matter color he is. If Mr. Obama had tried to enter the White House as an ordinary citizen, he would not qualify for a security clearance because of his past associations. We decided if Obama can refuse to properly salute the flag and his buddy, Bill Ayers, could stand on the American flag in a trash-filled alley, then we could take Old Glory down in honor and respect."

Furthermore, the political wizard ranted, "We are angry with a biased, agenda-driven media. We are angry that for the past eight years President Bush and the Republican Party have been blamed by the Democrats and their cohorts in the media for the incomplete and irresponsible way that the group A.C.O.R.N. let down potential voters in the state of Florida in 2000. A.C.O.R.N. has used our tax dollars to carry out, contrary to the law, a partisan "get out the vote" effort of scandalous proportions. The other arm of this nefarious organization bullies and harasses banks and lending institutions to make the risky loans that have jeopardized our nation's financial security."

Vandiver forgot to mention "union thugs" and "simple carpenters" as the prime factors in the decline of western civilization.

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