Thursday, November 6, 2008

SouthPass Regional Park Landfill UPDATE

"The mayor said ADEQ reports show the landfill site is not a problem."
Northwest Arkansas Times, September 14, 2008

Mike Robinson, Chief, Solid Waste Management Division, Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, to Connie Edmonston, Parks and Recreation Director, City of Fayetteville, November 5, 2008:

"To date, site closure assessment work has been conducted by ADEQ – SWMD’s environmental consultant in order to evaluate the condition of the closed landfill. These activities included, but have not been limited to, sampling of soils, groundwater, surface waters, sediments, seeps, and leachate outbreaks. Several landfill seeps and leachate outbreaks have been identified. Sample results indicate these waters are contaminated with metal, volatile organic and mineral compounds which are of potential concern, especially for ecological impacts. ADEQ – SWMD’s environmental consultant is conducting supplemental water sampling to better define the contaminants in the old landfill seeps and leachate outbreaks. Additional water samples are also being collected to further define the offsite surface water conditions.

"The need for corrective action at the old landfill has not yet been determined. Likewise, a corrective action plan has not been developed. However, efforts are continuing every day toward a decision on this project. The site closure assessment will be finalized in the near future, and the ADEQ Director will determine whether there is a need for corrective action. Should it be decided contaminants pose a hazard to public health or contaminants endanger the environment, corrective action may be deemed necessary."

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