Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mayoral Candidates Debate the Issues

The League of Women Voters last evening sponsored a debate between Mayor Dan Coody and Vice Mayor Lioneld Jordan, candidates in the November 25th run-off election for Mayor of Fayetteville. There is some coverage of the event in the The Morning News and even more detail in the Northwest Arkansas Times. If you missed it and care about such things, you can watch it online. If Mayor Coody and his political advisers think he did well, you should also be able to see endless reruns during the next two weeks on the reconstituted Coody Government Channel 16.

We were watching Dog the Bounty Hunter last night and missed it, but we hope some of our readers attended or watched the debate. Tell us what you think -- and not just that usual partisan crap about how great your candidate is and how the other guy is awful. Who had the better ideas? Do these debates make any difference or change anyone's mind?

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