Monday, July 21, 2008

Signs of the Times

About the same time that Dan Coody was floating a trial balloon about trying to stay in office for another few years to save us from extremists, his public relations assistant was dispatched to take control of the Government Channel 16. The cable administrator was fired, issue forums requested by citizens and an alderman were jerked, and policies were drafted to abolish all such forums in the future. The Government Channel became secure for All-Coody all the time, and we were treated to repeated replays of his press conference against bottled water and his ribbon-cutting of the finest sewer plant an additional $63 million our taxes could buy. Yet Coody claims, "I do not tell anyone what to play, or when."

Now, the day after Coody went back on his word and announced that he would run again, his administrative functionaries at City Hall
claimed that they had
"received numerous complaints from citizens regarding the proliferation of election campaign signs being placed throughout the city" in support of his opponents. Coody has no campaign signs, but they are adamant that Fayetteville’s sign regulations allow only one small political sign, of the “real estate sign” size, on private property at any time, and larger signs cannot be displayed anywhere until September. Beginning today, the Mayor will dispatch Community Resource Officers to remove any unapproved political signs, even if they are on private property.

Coody's new administrative restrictions on the Government Channel will keep
Alderman Lioneld Jordan from requesting any issue forums or allowing them to be aired there, and the administration's new determination to zealously enforce the sign ordinance will get rid of all those Steve Clark signs you have seen around town.

Dan Coody will say he had nothing to do with and no responsibility for either action. Just like the $63 million sewer plant debacle.

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