Thursday, July 3, 2008

Citizen-Blogger Quote of the Day

"I hope Nancy's friends in Ward 2 will let her know how much they appreciate her service. And maybe suggest she change her decision before the day comes for official registration as a candidate.

"Nancy resigned from the Council of Neighborhoods and announced her candidacy for the council position after Don Marr resigned from the council less than half-way through his second term. That was right after the council was stampeded into voting to approve the Divinity Hotel across Dickson Street from Collier's Drug store and the U.S. Post Office. Thanks to a couple of long-time Fayetteville residents who filed suit against the city for passing the project it was never built and the developer got invited to court for some of his previous mistakes. Meanwhile, Nancy led the effort to limit building height on Dickson Street, something those who loved Fayetteville back when Fayetteville was cool could appreciate.

"Her announcement was the start of what I expected to be a serious change for the good on the council. Women just seem to understand the needs of people more than a lot of men. At that time I thought we were headed toward a truly "kinder, gentler, more thoughtful council."

"This announcement diminishes my hope for such a change. But maybe another highly principled woman will step up and campaign for the seat. Fayetteville needs men and women who care what the people think and care about. And Nancy's example should certainly inspire someone else, man or woman, with integrity to make the sacrifice to seek the position and take the responsibility."

--Aubrey Shepherd, “Nancy Allen Epitomizes Integrity,” Aubunique Blog

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