Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mayor Edgmon Genuflects for SWEPCO

On the 4th of July, Tontitown Mayor Joe Edgmon said he vetoed the water purchase contract between Springdale and Tontitown after being instructed by Tommy Deweese, manager of external affairs for AEP Southwestern Electric Power. Mayor Edgmon had already signed the resolution constituting the contract, then made a fool of himself by vetoing it to please Deweese and SWEPCO, a questionable parliamentary procedure at best and an absolutely daft political move.

Mayor Edgmon said he wasn’t happy that American Electric Power, the out-of-state corporation that owns Southwestern Electric Power Company, didn’t receive advance inside information from the Water and Sewer Commission about its costs before he signed the agreement between Tontitown and Springdale on June 30. Mick Wagner, the executive director of the Tontitown Water and Sewer Commission, said AEP had indeed been informed about the $4,500 meter charge back in April, so that must not have been the real reason for the veto.

Edgmon then let slip another explanation. "Tommy wasn't happy with the figures," admitted the obedient Mayor Edgmon.

Alderman Becky Alston that she can’t speak for the rest of the City Council, but she doesn’t think the mayor has given the group a good enough reason for his veto. She has asked that a motion to override be placed on the agenda for the August 5th meeting of the Council.

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