Tuesday, July 29, 2008

La Grande Evasion

Under the Dome, a valuable political blog written by State Representative Steve Harrelson (D-Texarkana), says today that Laura Kellams, Fayetteville's long-time political reporter for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette NW, has resigned.

"The Arkansas news industry is losing a good one today," Harrelson says. "Laura was tough in negotiating details out of her interviewees, yet she was fair. I can't think of two better characteristics of a good journalist." Tough and fair, yes, we would like to see more of both from our local newspaper reporters.

Kellams seemed to maintain her personal integrity and a sense perspective on political actors and events. And after 11 years, she knew when it as time to quit and move on to another challenge. We wish her the best in whatever endeavor she decides to pursue, and we hope she stays in Fayetteville to play the role of informed citizen.

We await the announcement of Kellams' replacement at the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette with anticipation that it will be someone tough and fair who already knows the political scene in Northwest Arkansas. This fall's political season is too close for readers to have to suffer through some political reporter's on the job training and search for the office washroom.

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