Sunday, July 20, 2008

Party Down in Party Town

Fayetteville keeps getting honored by America in Bloom and mentioned as a great place to live in national publications, but it often fails to receive recognition as a Party Town outside Northwest Arkansas. Admittedly, the competition around here is pretty pitiful. Springdale can sell beer at the rodeo and the ballpark, but it cannot match the noise levels, alcohol consumption, and trash festivities of Bikes, Blues, and BBQ. Even with two colleges and a university, Benton County student merrymakers cannot touch the decadence and debaucheries of UA fraternity Row Week.

Public officials are taking steps to promote the city as one of the nation's top party spots.
Bob Davis, Mayor Dan Coody's sewer improvement project director, gained headlines when he was arrested for public intoxication after he was found lying on the sidewalk and unable to sit up near the intersection of Dickson Street and Gregg Avenue at 12:44 a.m. This month, Fayetteville Police Officer Jared Cypert was issued a summons for public intoxication at 7:30 a.m., showing that we start early and stay late.

Don't think that these are isolated incidents staged by city officials just to enhance Fayetteville's reputation.
“We get a large number of these kind of cases where people are drunk and end up in someone else’s house,” said Fayetteville Prosecuting Attorney Casey Jones after the alleged home invasion by Officer Cypert.

Maxim's Magazine
recently ranked Miami as the Number One Party City in the nation. We are pleased that Mayor Coody was partying on South Beach last month, getting ideas on how to improve our community's ranking in the hedonism hierarchy, on one of his many out-of-state trips on "official business."

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