Sunday, July 27, 2008

Columnist Quote of the Day

"Let's take a brief cruise around Northwest Arkansas aboard the USS Stupid and see what some of our local news makers have been up to lately….

"'Dapper' Dan Coody has changed his mind and decided to run for mayor of Fayetteville. Thank God, we'll still have Dan Coody to kick around some more. The potential for columnists just took a sharp upturn with his announcement. But, Coody said, his decision to run, after his decision not to run, had nothing to do with the fact that he learned that it takes 10 years of public service to qualify for retirement benefits.

"Coody has 10 years, but two years were on the City Council. Every two years on the City Council counts as one year toward retirement. Coody said that didn't factor into his decision.

"This just in to the newsroom, 'Nixon denies knowing about Watergate break-in.'"

--Bob Caudle, “Notes of Interest for the News Impaired, “ The Morning News

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