Saturday, July 19, 2008

School Board Elections

In Rogers, no one filed for the open seat on the school board. In Fayetteville, six people filed for the open seat, and the incumbent drew a challenger for the other position. You can draw your own conclusions regarding what that says about the districts and their patrons' concerns about and commitment to public education.

There are only three contested races in Benton County, two in Bentonville and one in Pea Ridge. Incumbents are running unopposed in Siloam Springs, Gentry, Gravette, and Decatur. And then there is Rogers.

Washington County is different. The entire Greenland School Board has been expelled, and there will be no elections. Incumbents are uncontested in Elkins and Farmington. Springdale, Lincoln, Prairie Grove, and West Fork each have a contested race for an open seat in the September 16th School Board election.

Fayetteville will have two races. James McGinty and Susan Heil filed for At Large Position One. Seeking the At Large Position Two are Stacy Furlow, Jim Halsell, Jeanie Hill, Joe Lee, Mike Malony, and Conrad Odom. A likely run-off between Halsell and Odom would be held on October 7th.

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