Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Deadbeat Cowbirds Lose Illegal Exemption

The Springdale Chamber of Cowbirds has not paid a dime of real property tax since 1997, when President Perry Webb got an exemption from the Washington County Equalization Board, an action that County Assessor Lee Ann Kizzer says was illegal. Webb says the Chamber wasn't trying to avoid taxes, but it boggles the mind to conjure up another reason to ask for an exemption when local businesses and homeowners were paying their fair share of property taxes.

The Cowbirds will owe $4,700 in property taxes next October on their 4,182-square-foot building at 202 West Emma, recently appraised at $474,750 by Arkansas CAMA Technology. The County will not ask them to pay the $50,000 plus in taxes, interest, and penalties that they should have been paying over more than a decade-long tax holiday. Don't expect the same if you get behind on your taxes.

Property taxes support our local schools, public libraries, and city and county governments. At least they do if you pay them.

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