Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday's "Two on the Taxpayer's Tab"

This is the second of our weekly dining reviews introduced last week, featuring state credit card expenses of Fayetteville mayoral candidate Steve Clark when he was living large at taxpayers' expense as Attorney General. He says the Arkansas State Police and the Prosecuting Attorney only questioned 43 instances of fraud on his state credit card. Below are reviews of two instances from the State Police affidavit that listed 56 specific incidents of alleged fraud and made reference to 30 others.

3. Alouette's Restaurant, Little Rock, December 30, 1987: Total $423.33, including $114.33 for food, and $309 alcohol and tips. Alleged Guests: Dennis and Karen Molock, Rodney Parham, Lois Mayzure. Dennis Molock and Parham said they went to the late Lois Mayzure's retirement party at the Capitol that night, but they had not eaten with Clark at Alouette's. Mayzure told Parham she had never eaten at Alouette's nor with Clark.

Rodney Parham, Dennis Molock, and Lois Mayzure were state employees who worked for Clark in the Attorney General's Office.

4. Alouette's Restaurant, Little Rock, February 10, 1988: Total $419.17, including $115.67 for food, and $303.50 alcohol and tips. Alleged Guests: Steve Barnes, Scott Van Laningham, and Blair Butterworth. Van Laningham told investigators he had never been to Alouette's. Barnes said he didn't know a Blair Butterworth and that he paid for his own dinner.

Barnes and Van Laningham were reporters at the time. Blair Butterworth is the name of a Democratic political consultant in Seattle, not to be confused with Bob Butterworth, Florida Attorney General at the time and later a law school dean at St. Thomas who gave Clark a job.

The third course will be served next Tuesday. Bon App├ętit!

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