Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quote of the Day

“When I heard John Boozman was hosting a sustainability conference at the University of Arkansas on April 21, I nearly fell out of bed. This superficial environmental concern is a direct insult to the intelligence of UA students and the good people of Northwest Arkansas. Unless Boozman had a divine revelation overnight, he is not fooling anyone. For those with Internet access, it is easy to discover his 0 percent environmental rating from the Sierra Club and 0-10 percent ratings from the League of Conservation Voters ( This anti-environment record loudly speaks for itself.

“In 2007 alone, Boozman voted against CAFÉ fuel efficiency standards, clean energy legislation, renewable electricity standards, mining reform, wildlife protection, forest protection, global warming intelligence estimates, clean water legislation and clean air legislation. He also voted to continue billions in oil subsidies, expand oil drilling and for liquid coal fuels. …

“Given this voting record, do you feel Boozman has credibility to host an environmental forum? I do not.

“I believe his participation is a public relations stunt to manipulate voters into believing he actually cares about the environment. This is like President Bush hosting a climate change and peace forum.”

--Abel Tomlinson, Letter to the Editor, Northwest Arkansas Times

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