Friday, April 25, 2008

Pilot Project on Commercial Recycling

Jammin Java, Common Grounds, Brewski’s, Nightbird Books, Hugo’s, Urban Table ,and Terratots have partnered with Roll Off Service to participate in a six-month trial commercial recycling program in Fayetteville. The businesses can recycle all types of materials by bringing them to one of several dropoff locations throughout the city, where the recyclable items will be picked up by Roll Off and hand-separated at its facility.

The trial project is called the Green Heart Initiative, and it is a result of collaboration of the businesses with consultant Walt Eilers, Aaron Stahl of waste consulting firm P3, and
Brandon Karn of Jammin Java, who helped sign up businesses to participate in the program.

Part of the project will be to evaluate the impact of the program on business, Eilers said, and the businesses are being asked to maintain records of their recycling experience and the cultural or educational changes in the workplace. Some people think it is just a campaign gimmick for Eilers, but it seems like a good one.

The results of this trial program, combined with the earlier study of recycling for apartment complexes by Drs. Jennie Popp and Stephan Pollard at the UA, should help the city design a practical recycling program for business and apartment dwellers. The good thing is that both can be done without having to spend $110,000 of taxpayers' money for another of Mayor Coody's out-of-state consulting firms to tell him what we more easily can learn from local people and local practices.

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