Friday, April 25, 2008

Blustering BS of the Day

"The U.N. has determined that world population should be decreased by at least one-third immediately and more later. Long ago, it started this reduction through birth control, feminism, homosexuality and war. I reject their plan. …

"Secondly, birth control gives a false sense of security to those who are promiscuous, thus bringing disease just like homosexuality and war. …And thirdly, feminism makes frustrated men and keeps them from a lasting relationship with women, causing both homosexuality and the wars mentioned above….

"If man wants to cool the wrath of God and thus protect himself from global warming, then man must repent and acknowledge God in all his ways. That way man can still drive his V-8 automobile to a Bible-teaching church with the air-conditioner on."

--Jay Cole, Jr., "Sinners Cause Global Warming," Leter to The Morning News

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