Friday, April 18, 2008

Local Art Patrons Recognized

Thanks to Jim Parsons of Bella Vista filing a complaint with the State Ethics Commission against former Governor Mike Huckabee, we have learned about the generosity of six area patrons of the arts. Huckabee previously filed a sworn form that his official portrait in the state capitol was a gift from the artist, but now he has 'fessed up and released the names of 61 political appointees, state employees, and friends who actually gave nearly $32,000 to a private fund to pay for his likeness. The Huckster has promised to file an amended form telling the truth, hoping that will kep him from being fined or sanctioned by the Ethics Commission.

Among the philanthropic friends of the arts and Huckabee who forked over money for the portrait were
former UA Trustee and retired Chairman of Southwestern Energy Charles Scharlau of Fayetteville, $500; UA Trustee Jim von Gremp of Rogers, $500; J. B. Hunt Corporate Secretary Johnelle Hunt of Rogers, $200; former Finance and Administration Director Dick Barclay of Rogers, $100; Prosecuting Attorney Robin Green of Rogers, $50; and former Higher Education Director and current UA Dean Linda Beene of Fayetteville, $25.

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