Saturday, April 19, 2008

Let's Do Lunch

It was no surprise that Steve Clark announced this afternoon that he wants to be Mayor of Fayetteville. He gathered about 25 supporters in a small boardroom at the Town Center to tell them that he was willing to serve time as the city's highest executive official and that he wanted to institute a community service program for everyone age six and older to pick up litter for an hour a month.

Clark was a founding member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. His official biography on the ACFE website says he has "a unique background in understanding the legal system, fraud, ethics and business/governmental regulation," but it neglects to mention that a felony fraud conviction forced him out of public office in 1990. After that felony conviction, his defense attorney said, "If Steve Clark ran for dog catcher right now, he'd lose to a write-in candidate."

Governor Mike Huckabee pardoned Clark after his fourth request, and now he is running for Mayor of Fayetteville, not Animal Control Officer. Among the supporters attending Clark's announcement today were Dan Coody and Adella Gray. Supporter Bob Hamilton said Clark is the best candidate to carry on what Mayor Coody has tried to do in office for the last seven years.

Clark lives near the Fayetteville Country Club on Fairway Lane and has been a registered voter in Fayetteville for 18 months, almost a year longer than Jeff Koenig, another candidate for the office who recently moved from Goshen and bought a condominium in town to qualify for office.

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