Saturday, April 26, 2008

One Small Step for Mankind

Yesterday, the Request For Proposal Selection Committee chose Greenland Wrecker Service as the Fayetteville Police Department’s primary towing service, with A & B Towing and Hawg Country Towing as its secondary towing services. Congratulations to Fayetteville Alderman Adella Gray and the four cops on the committee; they could have done a lot worse.

According to Police Chief Greg Tabor, the goal of the contract is for the department to be more efficient and to improve customer service when it requests that a vehicle be towed. I don't know much about Cyclone Cox or his Greenland Wrecker Service. I have, quite surprisingly, heard some good things about the prices and services of A & B Towing and Hawg Country Towing.

A major benefit to the public is that Terry's Towing, rejected by the committee earlier this month, will no longer be among the wrecker services used by the police department. That's one small step, and maybe it will be the first step to ridding our city of the notorious predatory towing bandits.

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