Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sign City Cowbirds Mull Granting Permission

Springdale is the only major city in Northwest Arkansas that doesn’t ban unsightly billboards, and their excuse for a City Council last night backed down from passing any billboard or sign regulations, waiting to give the Springdale Chamber of Cowbirds more time to consider giving their permission to let the Aldermen vote on whether to limit signs.

Alderman Jesse Core, who has been trying to pass a sign ordinance since last August, asked, “How many meetings have we had on billboards? There is no reason to drag this out.” But it appears that there is: someone also wants to slip in approval for a new Walgreen’s before the proposed sign regulations might go into effect.

The Springdale Cowbirds meet today in their plush tax-exempt headquarters to discuss whether they will allow the City Council to pass an ordinance to regulate billboards and other gaudy business signs in Chickenopolis.

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