Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Joke Is on Taxpayers and Tuition Payers

On April Fool's Day, some of us get played, and some of us get paid. Big Time. When we are all facing increased prices for gas, working to beat the IRS filing deadline, or looking at more student loans to let the UA buy Fayetteville High School, it is always disheartening to be reminded where our tax dollars and tuition money are really going.

Here is a list of University of Arkansas employees who got paid $200,000 or more last year. How many of these 25 men and one woman do you think were teaching classes at the "student centered university serving administrators and coaches" that always complains that it is underfunded?

Dale Nutt $1,209,644
John Pelphrey $1,200,000*
Tom Collen $425,000
Reggie Herring $350,000
Dave Van Horn $310,600
David Lee $300,000
Vijay K. Varadan $292,900
Alan Sugg $283,500
Frank Broyles $282,018
John Austin White Jr. $277,000 plus mansions

Dan Worrell $265,296
Ashok Saxena $256,848
G. David Gearhart $249,363
Vernon Jay Richardson $240,000
Bob Smith $233,398
Viswanath Venkatesh $223,891
Milo J. Shult $223,000
Wayne Yu Lee $220,678
Samir El-Ghazaly $220,000
John McDonnell $218,400
Bob McMath $217,350
Carolyn Margaret Callahan $204,072
Robert Evans $200,000
Moez Limayem $200,000
Michael John Markuson $200,000
Thomas Ostrom $200,000

The joke is on you if you're making anything less.

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