Monday, April 7, 2008

Bypassing Honesty

State Representative Keven Anderson (R-Rogers) says he hopes some of the increased state revenue from the severance-tax increase might be used to fund the stalled Bella Vista bypass project. "The best thing, as far as big projects for northwest Arkansas that are the most viable, is that Bella Vista bypass," he said. "That’s what I would hope would come out of this. But quite honestly, I don’t know if there’s enough money there to do it."

What Representative Anderson didn't say is that he voted against the new revenue from the severance tax, as did three other Republican Representatives from
Benton County. It is down right amazing that these BS artists tell everyone that the Bella Vista Bypass is their top priority, proudly vote against funding it, then complain that there is not enough money to build it. These are the same yahoos that attack fellow legislators like Senator David Bisbee, who supported the funding, as being irresponsible tax and spend liberals.

That such hypocrites get elected and reelected in Benton County says as much about the intelligence of the voters as it does about the honesty of the politicians who represent them.

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