Thursday, January 22, 2009

Terry the Tow Truck Bandit Busted - UPDATE

Prominent local businessman Terry Hays was arrested yet again this week. The owner of Terry's Towing was booked on criminal charges of aggravated assault on a family member, terroristic threatening, first-degree endangering the welfare of a minor, and possession of a firearm by certain persons, then immediately released from the Washington County Detention Center after posting a $7,500 bail bond. Before this arrest, Terry previously has been charged at various times with terroristic threatening, aggravated assault, kidnapping, theft by receiving, first degree sexual abuse, failure to register as a convicted sex offender, second-degree assault, and criminal mischief, and he has a criminal history dating back to 1991 that includes seven felonies.

As far as we can determine, Terry has never been arrested for predatory towing, something he is well-known for in Fayetteville. One former victim said, "Deal with anyone else if you possibly can.: I have had to work with this schiesty company on several occasions, and I cannot be more displeased with them. I wish I could put zero stars, because "awful" does not even begin to describe my disgust. Here is why:

"I believe that Terry's Towing operates on a cash-only basis to intentionally bypass their tax obligations. In addition, every individual in their organization that I've dealt with has been a piss-poor representation of a human being. I would rather be stripped naked and beaten with a thorn bush than deal with the horrible, ungodly, Cro-Magnon rednecks at Terry's Towing. Other long-time residents of the NWA area have verified that my experience is not an isolated event, but typical behavior of the scummy, low-life, lying cheats that comprise this God-forsaken company. Even my insurance agent said he was surprised that, to date, no one has SHOT Terry (a man who apparently has had numerous legal troubles for "inappropriately" disciplining his children). Try them, and you'll hate them too."

The city was able to get state statutes amended to put additional regulations on non-consensual tow truck operations a few years ago. It looks like they need to seek additional legislation to prohibit assholes and felons from being licensed to operate tow truck businesses.

UPDATE: Terry the Towing Bandit's bond was revoked Thursday after he immediately tried to contact the alleged victim of his assault, a direct violation of the conditions of his bail. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, but he had not been seen or taken into custody as of 6 p.m. Anyone with information regarding Hayes' whereabouts can contact the Washington County Sheriff's Office at (479) 444-5700. You might consider him armed and dangerous, despite the comments his friends posted on this thread to tell us what a swell fellow he is.

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  1. I have known this man for several years he has always thought he was god, and he could do what ever he wanted to whom ever he pleased. I am a friend of his cousins, she worked a short time for him as a dispatcher for his company. She quit working for him because he kept making sexual advances, to the point of threatening her job.