Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mayor Jordan Having Another Good Week

Lioneld Jordan, Fayetteville's new Mayor, started out the month by reorganizing his staff, getting rid of the deadwood, and saving on salaries. Last week, he represented the city at the Arkansas Municipal League meeting in Little Rock, networking with mayors and legislators from around the state, and received the rather impressive final report from his Transition Team.

Mayor Jordan began this week marching to remember Martin Luther King, Jr., and on Tuesday he delivered his first State of the City Address. Today, the Fayetteville Free Weekly named him Person of the Year. It must be disappointing for those who last fall predicted the end of the city and civilization if Lioneld Jordan were elected, but most people seem to be giving him the benefit of the doubt or to be downright pleased. So far.

Lest anyone think that we're going to give him a free ride, we'll take the hide off of him as soon as he gives us good reason. For now, the comments section is open to both fans and foes. What's your reaction to his big speech? Anything you think good or bad in the plans he has proposed? What about the accolades from the Free Weekly? Is Jordan "the real deal" as they suggest, or a real hayseed bumpkin as portrayed by the editorial crowd at the Northwest Arkansas Times?

Take your best shot.

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