Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting to Know You

Fayetteville has a new mayor and two new members of the city council, all of whom will be making decisions that affect local residents. Perhaps you have heard their names, maybe you even visited their self-created campaign websites last fall, or you could have had a brief opportunity to talk personally with them about their plans when elected. For those of us who don't know them personally and well, there's now a chance to find out more about the new faces filling those chairs in the Council Chamber at City Hall on the first and third Tuesday evenings.

The Fayetteville Flyer has continued the fine public service provided during the mayoral campaign by recently posting of interviews with our new Aldermen, Matthew Petty representing Ward Two and Sarah Lewis elected from Ward Four. Both profiles are interesting and should be helpful to anyone wanting a program to know the players in the game of local politics.

You'll also find an insightful interview with our new mayor, Lioneld Jordan, in the current issue of Cityscapes Metro Monthly, the slick local magazine for those who live in the upscale neighborhoods of Ward One and Ward Three. The four-page spread is not linked from their site, but you can read page-by-page on another enterprising local blog.

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