Friday, January 9, 2009

The Soul of Springdale

Hard times require hard choices, and those decisions will reflect the more important values of a business, a government, or an individual. Seeking divine inspiration for solutions to Springdale's dire financial straits, Mayor Doug Sprouse and Alderman Jim Reed have been reading from the Gospel According to John [White]. They have proposed to save money by cutting funding to the things they find least valuable -- employees and a museum.

Mayor Sprouse says that denying raises to the city's 400 plus employees will save $1.2 million in these tough economic times. Alderman Reed suggests cutting all funding to the outstanding Shiloh Museum of Ozark History. "I think spending $570,000 for the museum is not a priority," he said.

Cost of living raises for loyal public employees, not important. Funding an institution that preserves and celebrates our heritage, not important. Continued cash subsidies for the local Cowbirds and a money-losing baseball venture at Arvest Park, not a problem.

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