Monday, January 12, 2009

Bush Vindicated in Benton County

This could be the day's breaking international news story. At the very least, it will have Lucas Roebuck and Bradley Gitz all atwitter. The Benton County Daily Record breaks the story with the headline, "Former Saddam Advisor Says Iraq Had WMDs." This we know, because the BCDR tells us so.

Georges Sada, described as a "former advisor to Saddam Hussein" and "the retired general officer of the Iraqi Air Force", yesterday told the congregation of the Rogers First Church of the Nazarene that weapons of mass destruction not only existed, but they were all transported to Syria in 2002. Refuting the Duelfer Report by the Iraq Survey Group and echoing Dick Cheney, he said, "There was a time when Saddam possessed chemical weapons. I am so sorry that Americans and many in authority said there were never weapons of mass destruction."

This is not really "breaking" news. Sada has been on the Church Circuit for a couple of years now selling his story, and he published a book in 2006 called Saddam's Secrets. The wingnuts on Free Republic found it inspirational, but others were somewhat more skeptical. In an appearance on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart asked him how you fly a WMD to Syria. Sada said, "They are raw materials; some of them are like barrels, yellow barrels, of course, with skulls and cross bones on them." Steward replied, "You think if you’re going to hide that stuff you think you might paint something like, you know, Spam?"

In his Benton County version of reality, "Iraq in 2003 was liberated [and] ...freedom was given to the Iraqis on a gold platter," General Sada said. He believes the ongoing six-year occupation of Iraq was the right thing to do, regardless of the cost in lives, the profits to Halliburton, the outrages of Blackwater, and the multi-trillion dollar wrecking of the U.S. budget. His audience probably agreed, since the county just voted 67.2% for McCain-Palin and 82.4% for John Boozman.

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