Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out with the Old

The Northwest Arkansas Times today named Lioneld Jordan as its Newsmaker of the Year. It had an even-handed news story and the least-snide editorial commentary about Jordan in memory. It might signal a brief honeymoon, but we expect the Times to be much more enthusiastic in its watchdog role during the Jordan administration instead of the cheerleading sycophant role it relished during the Coody administration.

Jordan is set to take the Oath of Office tomorrow morning at the Washington County Courthouse. He will then spend the morning trying to find a city surplus desk and chairs or some curtains for his office, assuming that former Mayor Dan Coody follows through on his promise to vacate the office and take all of his fine personal furnishings with him. They were still there yesterday when we stopped by to say goodbye.

We wish them both well, Jordan and Coody. We hope that Jordan is able to follow through on his campaign promises and to bring some fiscal sanity to the management of our city. We hope that Coody will find a job suited to his talents that will keep him busy and distract him from his meddling efforts to undermine the success of the Jordan administration.

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