Friday, January 2, 2009

Someone Call the Orderlies

It is no longer amusing. Three months ago, Tontitown Mayor Joe Edgmon filed a harassment complaint with the Washington County Sheriff's Office against Tontitown Alderman Henry Piazza. He has now filed complaints with the state Ethics Commission and the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney's office against Tontitown Water and Sewer Executive Director Mick Wagner, who is paid $2 a year. Edgmon alleges that Wagner lobbies the City Council on water and sewer issues and violates Internal Revenue Service rules about contract labor.

Mayor Edgmon, who just last month vetoed an ordinance to comply with the Freedom of Information Act, has also filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor alleges that Wagner has failed to comply three times with Edgmon's requests for documents under the Freedom of Information Act. Edgmon previously filed two Freedom of Information Act complaints with the prosecutor against Planning Commission Chairman David Bolinger and City Attorney Mark Dossett.

In November 2007, the Tontitown City Council declared they had No Confidence in Edgmon by a 5-1 vote. By now, it should be damn near unanimous on the Council and among the citizens.

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