Friday, January 23, 2009

Hard Times in the Promised Land

Springdale bit the big one in November. The latest sales tax collection reports show the city revenue down 20.2%, taking in only $689,356 compared with $863,970 last November. Part of that is because Jesus Jim Holt, Jim Bob Diddler, and the local liquor cartel ran Sam's Club out of town, part of it is the crash in the housing and construction market, and part of it is because Springdale sucks in general.

But times is tough all over. November sales tax collections were down 12.5% in Bentonville, and today came word that they might not get to have a new golf course in a city park. Fayetteville was down less than $5,000 (.004%) but still below projections. The city will make that up from Mayor Jordan turning back the $5,000 car allowance that Coody took last year. Only Rogers saw an increase in sales tax collections, up more than $70,000 (7.5%).

We can only hope that the embarassing Northwest Arkansas voting results in the last election and the neutered Congressman John Boozman have not screwed the pooch on our getting some public works projects from that jobs bill being proposed by President Obama and the Democratic Congress. It cannot come too soon.

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