Thursday, January 22, 2009

Soul-Saving School Superintendent Search

Fayetteville School District's born again national search for a new superintendent has drawn 42 applications this time around. One of them is Dr. Paul Dee Human, Ed.D., who lists his occupation as a consultant and his residence as Greer's Ferry. One insight to his educational priorities might be found in his 1994 doctoral dissertation that studied the causes of stress for school superintendents, which he found to be related to funding issues and following laws and regulations. It was completed only a few years after he violated the constitution, blowing two years and thousands of dollars in school funds unsuccessfully defending himself for having church volunteers teach Bible lessons during school hours when he was Superintendent at Gravette. Doe v. Human, 725 F.Supp. 1523 (1989); cert. denied, Human v. Doe, 499 U.S. 922 (1991).

More recently, Paul Human was Superintendent at Texarkana. There he instituted a Bible class based on the curriculum pushed by the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, and tried unsuccessfully to set up a Charter School in partnership with the Mount Grove Baptist Church of Texarkana. Last year the Texarkana School Board forced his resignation amid allegations of mismanagement and ethical conflict of interest related to the school system’s technology network plan, causing it to miss out on $500,000 in federal funds. The District asked the Prosecuting Attorney to investigate and bought out Human's contract for $150,000.

We pray that the Fayetteville School Board will save us from such an experience here.

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