Friday, January 16, 2009

The Sage of Elkins Speaks

Milt Frantz, the revisionist historian and intestine inspector of the White River valley, has again emerged from thoughtful seclusion to share his wisdom on contemporary political events. This time Milt is calling Governor Mike Beebe a gutless politician for proposing a tax on tobacco to fund the regional trauma centers (and other things including the NWA satellite campus of the UA Medical Center). He says he has documents proving that the current tax on cigarettes already covers all the cost of health-related deaths and illnesses, from lung cancer to heart disease, with money left over. Instead, he wants the State "to start raising taxes on the big companies that are poisoning the food, water and homes you live in as well as the air you breathe."

And speaking of Communists, something else Frantz professes to be an expert on, not long ago he claimed to have documented that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a "stooge" for Josef Stalin, had ignored the peace initiatives from the German military in 1943, and was responsible for the death camps and genocide of both Stalin and Hitler. So, he said, "Enough already! Enough whining about the Holocaust, and more than enough about the unending guilttrip pushed on the German people on this issue."

We are blessed to have such experts as Milt Frantz and Jay Cole the Junior in our midst and doubly so because they are more than willing to share their boundless knowledge through letters to the editor that inform the world.

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