Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Arrogant Asshat

Dave Smith, former Superintendent of the Decatur School District, is our Asshat of the Week. The 27-page financial audit report on the Decatur School District in 2008 was released last week by the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee, revealing a gross inattention and lack of management oversight that included failure to provide adequate control of assets. Just after being awarded a 3-year contract and just before school payroll checks started bouncing last May, Smith had reported to the school board that there was more than $2 million in the district’s operating fund.

In July, State Education Commissioner Ken James called the district a “gross, gross mismanagement situation,” and the Arkansas Board of Education took over the 579-student school district, dissolving its board before appointing LeRoy Ortman the new superintendent to clean up the financial mess left by Smith. Through budget cuts and careful management, Ortman has turned the 2009 projected shortfall of $600,000 into a projected positive balance of more than $300,000.

Now Dave Smith is suing the Decatur School District, demanding to be paid more than $300,000 for the three-year contract that was cancelled for what appears to be pretty good cause. What is it with these asshats like Dave Smith and former Greenland Superintendent Ron Brawner, suing to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for nothing after screwing up the job?

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