Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zoned Out in Benton County

Ron King is the poster boy for property rights, a local hero in Benton County. Officials have been complaining about his property since 2001, claiming it is an illegal landfill and public health hazard, but King is standing fast against the efforts of environmentalists and aesthetes to make him clean up the land around his trailer just outside Siloam Springs.

"I can take you to 30 places worser than mine," King says when picked on by the bureaucrats who fail to appreciate his private collection of pieces of rusty metal, rotting mattresses, chucks of foam insulation, piles of wood, bed springs, broken glass, a smashed plastic bucket, a pair of shoes, tires, wood and seat cushions. When accused of burying some of the trash in violation of state law, he explained, "It's not buried. It's just got dirt on top of it."

King is a man prepared to exercise his property rights to defend himself from those who cavalierly dismiss the virtues of a lone individual standing against the Leviathan. Last summer, he started a hog farm with 15 pigs near the road in front of his trailer at the closest point to the neighbor he accuses of complaining to county officials about his property. That sure showed them what happens when you squeal to the authorities.

Benton County property rights defenders like Penne Ramsey don't take kindly to plots by the leftist Benton County Quorum Court to consider nuisance abatement ordinances. Such nefarious measures make her "wonder who the communist is who wants to tell me just how to use my property and how clean I am to keep it." Theresa Pockrus, a licensed lawyer and former Republican Tax Collector for Benton County, adamantly opposes any zoning for the county, because it would be “moving toward communism and away from capitalism.” The Red Shirt Gang on the Quorum Court and the Northwest Arkansas Property Rights Association are the only thing keeping Benton County from the abyss of county zoning laws that would destroy their way of life.

Don't laugh. There are several members of the Washington County Quorum Court who agree with Ron King and the freedom fighters of Benton County, and they also oppose any effort to enact sensible county zoning ordinances.

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