Saturday, December 13, 2008

Well, Blow Me Down

Perhaps this is why the Siloam Springs Marching Panthers were selected to march in the Presidential Inaugural Parade on January 20th. Earlier this month the band's webpage had a link to some serious porn, unlike anything you or John Brown students might purchase in Siloam Springs or see live at the local jail. High school band director Keith Rutledge was contacted by a parent of a band member who complained they had discovered the link with "inappropriate" material before quickly averting their eyes.

District Technology Director Rick Jones claimed it was all a big mistake. "Nothing like this has every happened in our district, and we don't anticipate it happening again," Jones said. "We are under a state provided Web filter as mandated under the Children's Internet Protection Act, and we do take extra measures to protect our students." Webmaster Jonathan Livingston said that the domain name for Thotor, a site with thumbnail photo generator freeware, was bought out by a porn company which kept the domain name to market their photos. Yeah, whatever.

Those Internet Tubes will hose you, if you're not careful, even in Siloam Springs.

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