Saturday, December 13, 2008

Citizen Quote of the Day

"As an ordinary citizen of Fayetteville, I may not be well informed of the inner workings of city government. However, if your recent editorial was correct, I am appalled that the South Pass development is, so it seems, a done deal and that there is no way out of this project.

"...With the current dire condition of our economy, it hardly seems like the best time to saddle our city government with a quarter of a century of unspecified expenses for roads, water lines and whatever else is in the contract without more detailed plans.

"I disagree completely with our city attorney that we should not consider our past experiences with the developer. It may be in his law, but common sense tells me that you don't involve yourself in a massive project after having been significantly burned on a previous one."

--Joan Wimberly, "Development Too Risky," Letter to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

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