Sunday, December 7, 2008

Joseph Wood for GOP Chairman

Joseph Wood of Fayetteville announced last month that he is a candidate for Chairman of the Republican Party of Arkansas. Wood, 43, is a human resources and career consultant, and he is currently Treasurer of the state GOP and Vice-Chairman of the Washington County Republican Party. He is also a blogger. We think Wood is the best candidate for the position, but we find it difficult to underestimate the Republicans' ability to make poor choices. You know. John McCain. Sarah Palin.

The Republican State Committee will meet next Saturday in Little Rock to decide between Wood and Doyle Webb, a lawyer and former State Senator from Saline County. Webb has been endorsed by talk show gabber Mike Huckabee, with whom he has much in common. For one, Wood would work for free, while Webb has indicated that he wants to be paid as party chairman, because he says paying him a salary would "help the party to move to a new level of professionalism." For another, he shares Huckabee's grubby sense of entitlement to personal enrichment even beyond the salary. In 2001, the state Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct found Webb violated the rules of professional conduct by accepting about $321,000 as beneficiary of a client's will he had drawn up.

If you give an elephant's ass about such stuff, you can get the most current and best informed insight from The Arkansas Project blog, as well as the background. Like I said, we're for Joseph Wood, for what's that worth. He is a decent man, so he probably doesn't stand a chance against the Huckabites.

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