Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Business of Politics

The final campaign reports have been filed, and those from the Fayetteville mayor's race tell an interesting story about the abilities and approaches of Mayor Dan Coody and Alderman Lioneld Jordan. Essentially, their approach to running their campaigns reflects their approach to managing the city.

Dan Coody raised a total of $87,375, borrowed $12,464 from himself and his wife, spent freely but ineffectively, and ended up with red ink, owing debts of $11,416. He got hammered by Jordan, 57.3% - 42.6%. Even with all the advantages of incumbancy, Coody could persuade only 4,321 people to vote for him in the runoff, spending $20.22 for each vote and still not getting the job done. Embarrassing.

Lioneld Jordan raised only $49,615, spent it wisely, worked hard, wasted nothing, and ended up with a surplus balance of $2,951. There were no expensive outside consultants and no cost overruns. His 5,803 votes in the runoff cost $8.55 each. We'll be fortunate if he is as frugal and effective with our tax dollars as he was with his own campaign.

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