Thursday, December 11, 2008

Music Makers

Our local artists and musicians seldom get the recognition they deserve, so it is good to see two groups receiving some national publicity. Trout Fishing in America has received its fourth Grammy Nomination, this year for their album, Big Round World, in the Best Musical Album for Children category. There is a nice article on this in today's Fayetteville Free Weekly. Add our congratulations to Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet for the honor.

Keith Rutledge and the
Siloam Springs High School band learned recently that they had been selected as the only Arkansas band to perform in Barack Obama's Inaugural Parade on January 20th before the ceremony. Why the Marching Panthers were chosen by the Inaugural Committee from among 450 applicants is unclear, but perhaps it was a formula that applied an inverse ratio for percentage of votes for Obama. We'll know if there are several bands from Utah, Idaho, and Alabama. Our hearty congratulations, just the same, for the honor and a chance to escape from Siloam for a week.

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