Thursday, December 18, 2008

Readers' Poll: Siloam Sucks

It was not even close. Iconoclast readers were asked to choose among several finalists in the contest for "Where Would You Least Like to Live" in Northwest Arkansas. Each town had certain unique characteristics that would qualify it for that dubious honor. Unlike Kiplinger's, Money Magazine, Sperling's, Mercer Consultion, National Geographic Adventure that send in paid staff to rank cities, we trusted our informed readers to draw on local wisdom to choose the rankest town.

Elm Springs, the speed trap that voted 74% for John McCain, was selected by only 3% of our readers; Lowell, home of spy cams and stagecoaches, drew only 9% of the votes; and Centerton, home of Mayors Ken Williams and Don LaRose, placed third with 17%. Springdale, the no zoning billboard Mecca and former host of Featherfest, was a strong contender and had the backing of the Fayetteville Flyer; but, drawing only 23%, it was no match for the champ.

Siloam Springs was the cheeks down winner, capturing 45% of the votes in a five-way cage match. We did not probe our readers on the reasons that Siloam sucked so hard, but feel free to use the comments section here to elaborate. The dildo ban? The soul market? The crossbar strip show? The American Legion pedophile? Bone Dry Benjamin Jones? John Brown University's online degree in home schooling? A mayor named Moose Van Poucke? Whatever.

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